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AERONAS SDN BHD is proud to announce as the first aircraft manufacturing company in Malaysia to be launched and making its world debut in 2020.

Commercial production is aimed to commence by December 2020.(Deferred due to COVID-19 until further notice)

Weare looking for Secondary Production companies to join our manufacturing team to produce our very own Malaysian made aircraft, AERONAS.

Companies that would like to take part of the history in the making and are interested to participate are required to submit company’s profile complete with financial records and an official application letter to us before 1O October 2020.

Terms & conditions:-
Companies with fabrication capabilities in production of :-

Category 1:-
-CabinInterior & Galley systems

Category 2:-
-Seating systems
-Air-conditioning & engineering solutions
-Lighting & engineering solutions
-F&B storage equipment
-Water & waste systems
-Lavatory systems

There are 2 segments in the aircraft manufacturing operation:-

Aero Structures
-Fuselage-4 main sections
-Wing-4 main sections
-Empennage(Tail sections)-4 main sections
-Nose-4 main sections
-Landinggear-3 main sections

Aero Parts
– Glass – 1 section
– Precision engineering – 2 sections
– Hydraulic – 2 sections
– Oxygen – 2 sections
– Cockpit – 2 sections
– Cabin & Galley – 2 sections
– Seat – 1 section
– Air-conditioning & engineering – 2 sections
– Lighting & engineering solutions – 2 sections
– F&B storage equipment – 1 section
– Water & waste systems – 1 section
– Lavatory systems – 1 section

Awards & Benefits
– All successful companies will be issued with OEM status issued by AERONAS SDN BHD, the Sole-Licensee Asia;
– All companies with OEM status and that are qualified shall be entitled to acquire incentives* such as tax exemption, grants (for
capex, opex & training) and soft loan;
– Trained by industry experts in respective fields/areas of expertise
(*) Subject to approval by MIDA, TERAJU, MARA, MATRADE, imSME, SME Investment Partners, Cradle Fund, MDeC dan MaGIC.

1st Intake
– Only 3 companies will be appointed from each sector;
– Category 1 companies will be awarded with supply contracts for 3 + 3 years with a contract value ranging from MYR5.0 to 8.0
million annually*. Contract is renewable;
– Category 2 each company will be awarded with supply contract for 3 + 3 years of value ranging from MYR2.0 to MYR5.0 million
annually*. Contract is renewable.
(*) Contract value is based on the annual production output.

– Local accreditation and/or certification issued by certified organizations and/or agencies;
– 3 years experience in respective field of works;
– FAA and/or NADCAP certified* companies will be given priority;
– Companies without FAA and/or NADCAP will be trained accordingly to obtain the certification in their respective fields;
(*) Supplement Type Certificate (STC) – FAA
Nadcap Approved Suppliers (NAS) – NADCAP


Company that is selected to become our vendor shall be required to attend and undergo an intensive PRE-OPERATION training program to obtain relevant accreditation.

  • Duration between 6 to 10 months* (subject to field @ sector/area, of participation);- 
  • Key personnel- Key personnel
  • Subjects of interest:-

    – Industry familiarization
    – Operation management
    – Pre-operation preparation
    – Accreditations compliance (To qualify for OEM status)
    – Manpower management

    (*) Note : Maybe extended if required by request and in writing or due to unforeseen circumstance.

Category 1, appointed company is required to place a refundable Security Deposit* of sum equivalent to 10%or MYR500,000 of the minimum total contract value 0f myr3.0 million upon signing of the Contract Agreement;

  • Category 2, appointed company is required to place a refundable Security Deposit* of sum equivalent to 10% OR MYR200,000 of the MINIMUM total contract value OF MYR2.0 million upon signing of the Contract Agreement;
  • (*) Security Deposit is for issuance of the OEM status for obtaining our designs, blueprints, engineering drawings, patterns, intellectual property rights, data and all controlled information and items under the OEM terms and conditions.
  • The Security Deposit is refundable upon surrendering of the OEM status back to us.

AERONAS Sdn Bhd and Asian One Sky Group Sdn Bhd
Posted on 1 July 2020

All information provided will be treated as private and confidential.