We are in the midst of preparing to start a full scale Skilled Training Program on Aircraft Manufacturing in Asia. PETRA ENGINEERING, TRAINING, RESEARCH IN AIRCRAFT CENTER (PETRA) will be the first ever Skilled Training Center for aircraft manufacturing. 

Target to commence by Q2 2021, PETRA center will be providing the full spectrum of aircraft and aviation skilled training programs in our preparation to become the first aircraft manufacturing company to commercially produce a Twin Engine Turboprop Utility and Passenger aircraft in Asia. 

Our aircraft is certified by the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) with Type Certificate or FAR Part 23. 

Once our facility is completed in Malaysia, it will housed a unit of the actual airplane and a full sized mock up airplane to accommodate the training program complete with jigs, tools, fixtures, machineries and equipment. 

Students and participants will be offered with a full time employment upon completion of the training program as well on-job training programs for those holding relevant certification. 

We would be requiring over 1,000 skilled workers by 2022 and another 1,000 skilled workers by 2024. 

We will be bringing in industry experts from the United States of America including our very own aircraft designer and engineer. Our skilled training syllabus will be provided by our experts with the support of the Mississippi States University (MSU), Raspet Flight Research Laboratory (RFRL). 

Our students and participants will be exposed to the know-how of aircraft and aviation technology that had NASA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Grumman fingerprints on it. Because they are the formal strategic research partners to RFRL. 

RFRL is one of the top universities in the world having hands on and involvements in the development of the F-35 Raptor fighter jet and also the Honda Jet. 

This will be an experience of a lifetime for anyone in the main stream of the aerospace industry. No other entity will be able to provide such opportunity besides us. 

We hope to become the main force to develop and further strengthen the aerospace industry in Malaysia and beyond. 

‘Changing the aerospace landscape’ is our motto. And it will become a reality. 

The horizon and beyond is yours to ceased. Join us.