Our charter operation and services started since 2004 under our group of companies.

Starting with 2 small airplanes we gradually grown having to operate more than 70 aircrafts including through several strategic collaboration with other operators.

Ranging from single engine Grand Caravan to various business jets including the Gulfstream 650 right up to the Wide-body aircrafts of the Boeing B777, BBJ and ACJ, our charter services covers to almost every countries all over the world that are not either under international sanctions or cabotage regulations.

Our customers profiling includes royals, aristocrats, head of states, politicians, economic strategists, financial advisers and planners, high profile sportsmen and many more. This also includes cargos.

We also perform ‘Special’ charter services upon request and handled under strict confidentiality.


We have been providing leasing services since 2004 for all type of aircrafts.

Our customers are mostly from Indo-China and the Middle East countries both individuals and corporations ranging from VVIPs, Forbe’s 500 companies and listed companies in China.

▪Our leasing services include :-

• Periodic leasing
• Schedule leasing
• Term leasing

We also managed procurement leasing services upon request.

▪Our procurement leasing are:-

• Lease-Purchase
• Buy-Lease Back
• Fraction Ownership


We introduced this unique scheme called Co-Ownership Program under our group of companies since 2012 and we acts as the operator to the program.

This Program allows our customers to own and invest in aircraft through sharing scheme without any limit of co-owners to each of the aircraft.

This program had attracted most frequent travelers as well as investment speculators. Just over a short period of less than 6 years, we are currently handling more than 40 aircrafts for this program regionally. Most of our customers are repeat customers who had seen the proven results and are now owners of more than one aircraft.

Over the past 3 years even property development among public listed companies had started and turning to invest in aircraft through our co-ownership program as it offers quicker returns with low entry and much better returns.

Co-ownership not only makes customers becoming owner to the aircraft but it also gives attractive returns and other benefits to them.

70% of our customers were formerly property and stocks market speculators who had now switched to investing in aircraft as they finds it to be much more lucrative, attractive and secured far better than property or stocks market.

And aircraft is protected under an International Treaty, the Cape Town Treaty.

Unlike properties that are stagnant, constrained by domestic demands as well as overflooded or over supplied in many countries. Aircraft on the other hand is a global asset, global demand without any restrictions and the demand exceed supply. And unlike property with a long turnover period. Aircraft turnover regardless of make and model where the period could be planned accordingly which could be within a short as 2 years*.

(*) Subject to type of aircraft.

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IMPORTANT NOTE : All of our customers’ information, identity and all other associated information will be protected under the Privacy Act. No information will be divulged without prior consent of the respective customer.